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About Us

IES Share Market Training Institute established in 2004 by Mr Prashant Sarode with a basic idea to equip common man to earn money from share market even without any investment by working part or full time professionally. He has a rich experience in share market since 2002. He has trained more than 3500 individuals.

We offer different courses on stock market, commodity market & currency market. Our courses are useful for students, housewives, investors, traders, employees of brokers, sub-brokers, insurance agents and laymen too. We teach not only theoretically but practically also, so that participant can become able to use all the knowledge to make money from share market.

If any trader or investor wants to earn money then, they have to predict the prices of shares, index, commodity or currency. This is possible in two ways one is fundamental analysis and other is technical analysis. We analyse company's prices by studying its fundamental through various ratios, global and domestic economic issues. But many times we found fundamentally it's all right but the prices are going exactly opposite to the fundamentals. This is due to sentiments of traders and investors. If sentiments are positive prices will go up and if it is negative prices will go down. So it is important to analyse market technically then, only you can earn money while trading or investing. That's why we want to equip traders and investors with this kind of knowledge to trade successfully in the market.

In our country hardly 1% people are financially literate. Our mission is to improve this percentage through our training program. Improve financial literacy in the fastest growing INDIA is the mandate for our Institute.


We have to equip traders, investors as well as laymen with knowledge to earn money from share market.


To provide an opportunity for traders, investors as well as laymen to earn money from share market even without any investment by working professionally part or full time to enhance their financial capacity.


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